Any of the following programs can be customized to fit the needs and time frame of your organization.

Speaking for Success

Program Overview

Today’s short-attention span, text-addicted audiences have to be pulled in immediately and engaged throughout if you hope to persuade them to buy your product, service, or idea. They also need to be convinced by your confidence, sincerity, logic, the way you overcome their fears, and address their emotions.

The full-day “Speaking for Success” workshop is designed for professionals of all levels interested in acquiring or improving their presentation skills and receiving feedback on their performance. The workshop will empower those attending to speak more effectively and memorably when running staff meetings, conference calls, or making proposals to upper management.

This workshop or break-out session addresses how to:

  • Conquer fear and kick out demons that have been holding you back from success
  • Get the thinking and emotional parts of the brain to work together rather than hijacking you
  • Develop a powerful presence (non-verbal communication and vocals)
  • Engage the audience from start to finish
  • Avoid the enemy–procrastination–with a step-by-step guide for planning, writing, and rehearsing your presentation

When offered as a full-day workshop, recording and feedback is offered for each participant’s 3-minute speech, written during the session.

The participants will leave the workshop with a specific action  plan and recording of their individual presentation, along with  an evaluation that will significantly improve their presentation skills and increase their value to their respective organizations.

This workshop is limited to twelve participants.  The workshop fee includes recording and participant manual for each person attending.

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Get the “Yes!”
Power of Persuasive Speaking Workshop

If you’re serious about leaving a lasting impression upon your audiences, you need to separate yourself from all the average speakers who rely on a barrage of bullets to do the job (more like bore them!)  The  Get the “Yes!” Power of Persuasive Speaking Workshop program will show you how to stand out and be memorable.

This workshop is designed for those who have already attended “Speaking for Success” or have prior experience delivering presentations and are ready to advance to the next level.  The participants will deliver a prepared 5-7 minute presentation and run a Q & A session, which is recorded. Each presenter will be provided with constructive feedback by the program facilitator and the other attendees. The participants will leave with a specific action plan that will significantly improve their presentation skills.

Attend this session to learn how to:

  • Analyze your audience in order to tailor your message
  • Incorporate storytelling into a presentation
  • Use audio-visuals for maximum impact
  • Master persuasive speaking techniques
  • Smoothly open, run, and close a Q&A
  • Six S’s to a Successful Start and Five Finishing Touches

In the one-day workshop, participants have an opportunity to deliver a 5-7 minute business presentation and run a mock Q&A session, receive feedback, and be recorded.

This workshop is limited to ten participants. The workshop fee includes recording and participant manuals.

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The Psychology of Sales

Whether you’re selling an idea, service, or product, in order to get the “YES!” it’s critical to know how your prospective customer’s mind works. Winning them over with facts and logic alone will rarely work—it takes the right combination of confidence, charisma, and psychology.


  • Reach your audience on an emotional level (where decisions are made)
  • Develop rapport with others so you’re perceived as being likeable and trustworthy
  • Utilize  a variety of tools to engage others from start to finish
  • Project confidence in body language and vocals
  • Manage your emotions when facing challenging questions, situations, or personalities
  • Understand how to be “fully present.”

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Effective Communication
Using Mindfulness

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays
Program Overview
This workshop is designed to improve productivity and communication outcomes  for employees who deal with challenging work situations and difficult personalities. Participants will develop greater self-awareness and the ability to manage emotions more effectively when under pressure.

This brain-science based program includes three powerful tools employees will use post-workshop to apply their newfound knowledge and skills. A virtual follow-up program two weeks after the initial program is included. During this time, participants will share their progress with the group and offer, along with the facilitator’s guidance, suggestions for continued growth.

• Develop greater self-awareness of one’s “triggers” and how to keep them in check
• Acquire the knowledge and tools to manage one’s emotions and deal with those of others
• Understand how to become an active listener
• Learn common obstacles to communication and how to overcome them
• Develop strategies to turn difficult conversations into “win-win” conversations

• Improve communication outcomes with clients, co-workers, and superiors
• Quickly regain focus after dealing with a challenging situation or person
• Increase productivity
• Reduce stress; improve health

Program fee for the one-day program includes all handouts, follow up program, three tools, and a 4×6 desk frame with a visual reminder of how to manage emotions.

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Creating “Win-Win” Interpersonal Communication Skills

Business discussion

Technology is wonderful, but due to the over-reliance on texting, e-mail, and social media, many have forgotten—or never learned!—the art of face-to-face, live conversation. In the workplace, interpersonal communication is still needed for nailing interviews, making proposals to upper management and clients, presenting at conferences, and working on teams.

This workshop or breakout session will help the attendees to:

  • Identify and overcome barriers to communication
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Understand the ways that verbal and non-verbal behaviors may influence perception
  • Become active listeners
  • Improve relations with co-workers, support staff, and superiors
  • Reduce misunderstandings and work cooperatively with others

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Speaking to External Audiences

Business woman with a group

This two-day program was originally designed and facilitated for 200 employees of Florida Power and Light so that they could promote two-way communication between the company and civic and community groups.

Day One was devoted to covering the basic public speaking skills, as described in the Powerful Presentations Workshop above. Each person delivered a three-minute presentation, prepared in class, and was recoded and evaluated. Day Two covered the following:

  • Audience analysis: demographics, situational analysis, attitude toward company and topic
  • Developing a preparation checklist/questions to ask the head of the group to which you will be presenting (location, timing, handouts, room set up, equipment, materials, food, number expected, possible challenges)
  • Use of positive language, showing empathy
  • How to plan, open, run, and close a Q& A session
  • Dealing with difficult people and difficult questions
  • The second half of Day Two is dedicated to having participants deliver an actual company-prepared presentation, including PowerPoint, and receiving feedback. Each participant will receive his/her own mini-DVD as a tool for continued improvement.

Time: Two full days
Participants: 10 maximum

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You Have the Power!
Personal Empowerment Workshop

woman thumbs up

Great for office staff! For the past fourteen years, Marsha has been empowering thousands of her coaching clients and workshop participants to develop greater confidence and control over their lives. She is now offering the same techniques to you in a 2- 1/2 hour workshop focused on helping you gain greater personal power by 1) understanding how the brain works and 2) using non-verbal communication and vocal elements to come across as more confident.

  • How would it feel if every time you walked in to a room you felt you “owned” it?
  • How would it feel if you could control your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you?
  • How would it feel if you could gain greater control over your life instead of feeling helpless?
  • What would that new found sense of power and control mean to your future career path? Your personal relationships?


  • Develop greater personal power
  • Understand how to get all parts of the brain working for you, rather than sabotaging you
  • Learn simple ways to project greater confidence through body language and vocal expressiveness
  • Feel great and attract more clients!

    Time: Two-and-a-half hours
    Participants: 8 maximum To contact us or schedule this training for your employees, click here.

“Brainy Communications” Workshop

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

Most of us go through life knowing little about how our brains work or how to control our thoughts and actions. As a result, we become easily frustrated with ourselves and others, feel we have little control over our lives, and we may not reach our goals.

In this fun, interactive, one-hour workshop, participants will learn how to unlock the hidden powers they have in the brain, resulting in greater control and satisfaction over their lives.  Harnessing the power of the brain will help individuals achieve greater personal power and improve their work performance.

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how to master the power of focus
  • Learn what part of the brain can sabotage you or lead to greater success
  • Learn how to control the emotional portion of the brain
  • Develop easy methods to change bad habits into good ones

At the end of the workshop, participants will be asked to think of a change they will be working on and list the steps they will be taking in order to accomplish the desired change.

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