The SET Principle®


The SET Principle®


The SET Principle® is a mindfulness program that improves focus and productivity for employees dealing with challenging situations and difficult people. Measurable and rooted in neuroscience, the program offers the tools and knowledge needed to manage emotions more effectively in the workplace and at home.

Deal calmly with demanding customers, deadlines, and delays
– Resolve issues logically, not emotionally
– Quickly regain focus and productivity after dealing with a challenging situation
– Manage nerves before sales calls or presentations

You will receive a framed 4 x6″ visual reminder for your desk, a commitment card,  and a SET Principle Success Sheet™  at the end of the 1.5 hour program to help you apply the knowledge and tools acquired. The program fee includes a 45-minute follow-up  in 2 weeks.

Start making better decisions, experience a greater sense of achievement and engagement, and leave work feeling more energized and less stressed.

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The SET Principle® for High School and College Students just released!

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