Break Your Fear of Public Speaking!

Although it’s the #1 fear held by most Americans, the art of public speaking is essential for any professional hoping to speak up at meetings,  present ideas to clients and upper management, and lead others.

This breakout session or keynote will shed light on where the fear comes from and offer fast, easy-to-apply techniques to reduce the fear.

Program results:

  • Understand the “fear triggers” and how to move past them
  • Learn how to manage your emotions
  • Apply physical and mental techniques to minimize nervousness
  • Turn in to an “audience-centered” vs. “self-centered” speaker

“Take-Charge” Communication Skills

The key to professional success in today’s job market is possessing strong communication skills. By clearly and powerfully expressing your thoughts and ideas, you’ll quickly gain the respect and recognition of your peers and upper management. In this keynote address or workshop, you’ll discover the techniques essential for ensuring that your communication skills will be a powerful and positive reflection of your abilities.

Program Results

  • Gain confidence while speaking before any size group
  • Learn how to use your voice as an instrument of influence
  • Master the use of assertive language
  • Become an expert in presenting your ideas in an organized fashion
  • Use non-verbal communication to project a positive image
  • Understand the techniques to gain and hold your audience’s attention
  • Learn how to avoid the common communication pitfalls

    You Have The Power! Handling Life’s Challenges

    How you are equipped to deal with life’s adversities can make a tremendous difference in your health, happiness and self-esteem. In this keynote address, the speaker will share her struggle with breast cancer and divorce and how she emerged stronger after these life-altering experiences.

    Program Results

    • Learn to harness the power of focus
    • Master visualization techniques that will ensure your success
    • Turn negative situations into positive ones
    • Gain a greater sense of control over your life
    • Empower yourself through effective use of energy
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