Presentation Skills & Communication Coaching


Many professionals choose coaching because they can achieve results faster than in a group setting.  They can get the personal attention they need and schedule sessions to suit their busy schedules.

Why Should You Consider Using a Coach?

  • If you want to take your presentation skills to the next level because of a recent or anticipated promotion
  • If you need assistance with an upcoming presentation that’s critical to your professional  or personal success
  • If you’re more comfortable in a one-on-one setting
  • If you need advice on how to handle challenging situations
  • If you’re interested in a professional evaluation of your speech content, visuals, and delivery style
  • If you want to improve your interviewing skills

Client Testimonials:

I only had time for one session with Marsha before I was to speak at a major IT conference. Not only did I improve dramatically, but my evaluations were higher than the pros’ from Microsoft! Marsha is the best!
David Silverlight, Master IT Instructor, XML Pitstop

Marsha helped me deal with my nervousness and helped me turn an ordinary presentation into one that captured everyone’s attention. Having Marsha as my coach worked wonders for my self-confidence.Balu Vandor, Florida Home Minders

Coaching services in presentation skills include digital recording to ensure that your presentation is a huge success.  To help you get started, accept my offer of a free, 20-minute phone consultation.

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