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Why Should You Consider Using a Coach?

  • If you want to take your presentation skills to the next level because of a recent or anticipated promotion
  • If you need assistance with an upcoming presentation that’s critical to your professional success
  • If you want results faster than in a group setting  
  • If you’re interested in a professional evaluation of your speech content, visuals, and delivery style
  • If you want to improve your interviewing skills

Client Testimonials:
“Marsha is an excellent coach. She provides feedback that is both practical and actionable. She has a strong understanding of how to deliver an effective presentation, including word choice, vocal tone, slide content, and appearance. I have  definitely seen an improvement in my presentations.” Brett Cohen, VP, DaVita KidneyCare

“When I first received a promotion as general manager of a high visibility department, I called in Marsha. Her coaching was an indispensable asset to me. Her insights as to what audiences expect and how to connect with them proved invaluable. Thanks to her expert advise, I feel more confident and successful in my new position.” Andy Marin, GM major Projects and Constructions Services, Florida Power and Light”

“Marsha’s insights and suggestions proved invaluable when I spoke on a panel before 150 real estate professionals. I recommend her coaching services to anyone who wants to come off as more engaging and confident.” Sandy Londono, VP Commercial Real Estate Lending, Sabadell United Bank

Don’t Go It Alone.

Invest in Your Speaking Success

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